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4 Different Types of Tables for Events OLD

December 16, 2023
4 Different Types of Tables for Events OLD

How do we go about selecting the right table for the right event? It is easy to be overwhelmed by the variety of tables available in the market. Here are some tables from Athoor Rentals that can be used for different events.


1. Dining Tables



8-Seater Round Table


Dining tables, typically 60" to 78" long, are used for meals and can serve several people. They can be used for a variety of events some of which are as follows:

  • Weddings - Dining tables are a staple at wedding receptions for guests to enjoy a meal together.

  • Corporate Events - Formal corporate events include dining tables for guests to network and enjoy a meal during conferences, seminars, or business meetings.

  • Birthday and Anniversary Celebrations - Milestone anniversaries and birthday celebrations involve dining tables for family and friends to gather and share a meal.

  • VIP Events - VIP events, such as product launches or premieres, may include dining tables for a luxurious experience.

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2. Buffet Tables


Le Minou Midnight Buffet Table


Buffet tables are smaller than dining tables, typically 40" to 60" long. They are used for:

  • Buffets and Banquets - Buffet tables in Dubai are used in banquets to provide a convenient and flexible dining setup for guests. 

  • Brunch Gatherings - Buffet setups work well for brunch events, offering a range of breakfast and lunch items for guests to enjoy.

  • Casual Dinners - They are suitable for casual dinners with friends or family, where a relaxed atmosphere and self-service add to the informality of the gathering.

  • Charity Events - Buffet setups are convenient for charity galas, fundraising dinners, or community events, accommodating a large number of attendees.

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3. Coffee Tables



40x40 Square Round Top Glass Coffee Table 


Coffee tables are slightly smaller than buffet tables. Their length ranges from 36" to 45". They are used for:

  • Networking Events - Coffee tables are used in networking events, providing a casual and comfortable setting for attendees to sit, chat, and exchange ideas.

  • Wedding Receptions - In lounge areas or cocktail spaces at wedding receptions, coffee tables create intimate seating arrangements for guests to relax and socialise.

  • Product Launches - Coffee tables can be included in product launch events, providing a space for demonstrations, discussions, or showcasing promotional materials.

  • Art Performances and Shows - Coffee tables are a part of intermission areas in spaces hosting artistic performances or shows. They offer a place for attendees to relax.

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4. Bar Tables



LED Bar Table


Bar tables are close to the size of dining tables ranging from a length of 36" to 72" and height surpassing all the tables. They are used for:

  • Cocktail Parties - Bar tables are good party furniture rentals essential for cocktail parties, allowing guests to stand and mingle while enjoying their drinks. 

  • Resto Bar Settings - Bar tables are a staple in resto bars, creating areas for customers to enjoy drinks and bar-style dining.

  • Fashion Shows - Bar tables are often used in fashion shows, creating a stylish and interactive space for attendees.

  • Casino Nights - Bar tables are suitable for casino-themed events, providing areas for guests to enjoy drinks and socialise in a lively atmosphere.

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Conclusion: The table one would prefer depends on the type of event. Tables also come in a variety of shapes and designs which can be selected based on client preference, location and budget. Athoor Rentals provides a diverse range of tables that come in a variety of designs, shapes, and colours. What are you waiting for? Rent the perfect table at Athoor Rentals today!