Athoor Party & Services


Established at year 2011, Athoor Party & Services is a One Stop Solution that offers seasonal items.

Athoor Rentals offers top-quality furniture for rent in Dubai, making us the go-to choice for furniture rental needs in Dubai and beyond. Contact us to know more on furniture hire, Dubai

Since Athoor Furniture Rentals was founded in 2011 our goal is to be your One Stop Solution in all of your event needs. Started with Outdoor Equipment and is expanding due to fast pace, and now we are proud to own thousands of rental equipment as well, we do customize Metal and Wood for all your needs. Now, Athoor Furniture Rentals turn to be one of the prestigious organizations in the event rental industry, and is the perfect choice when having to provide a solution to all your event planning. We pride to ourselves in delivering clients with a customized event planning and coordination service tailored and suited to every need. In fact, we are pride part of the Dubai Expo 2020 and we had been recognized for an excellent service. We also catered prestigious establishments, 5 stars hotels and above, government organization, ADNOC, Airshow.
If you are looking for unique event rentals, you might be wondering if Athoor Furniture Rentals has the type of equipment you need for your occasion. We assure you; we do. Our equipment rentals span all categories and cater to all kinds of events — from small private parties to large weddings, festivals or corporate events. Whatever your need and no matter how big or small, Athoor Furniture Rentals offers the rental equipment and setup services to ease your mind — and facilitate your event. From stage backdrop to wedding decor, flooring and furniture, A/V we have thought of everything you might need for an event or party — and we have it available for rent. When you rent from Athoor Rentals, we can provide you with any equipment you need in any quantity.
You can pick up your rental items at our warehouse or have it delivered to you by our team. Plus, we offer setup and building services for equipment like tents, canopies, stages, flooring, event spaces and other structures. The best with us, is that we are open 24/7 and ready to serve. Planning for your event has never been easier with Athoor Furniture Rentals.