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10 Different Types of Lights for Events

December 16, 2023
10 Different Types of Lights for Events

Lights make our lives more colourful and add more colour to our events. Different events require different types of lights. Event companies must ensure they are aware of the types of lights to be selected for a specific event. Athoor Rentals provides a variety of lights that event companies can select from.


1. Disco Ball - A disco ball might not sound like a light source at first glance. However, the ball emits light in all directions when it rotates making it the perfect light source for night clubs and dance parties. It is also used in music festivals, cruise ship parties, fashion shows and casino nights. Check out our disco ball here.



Large Mirror Glass Disco Ball


2. Festoon Lights - Festoon lights are outdoor lights made up of light bulbs attached to a cable creating a string of lights. They are multipurpose lights used on numerous occasions. They are primarily used in outdoor events such as outdoor weddings, fairs, garden parties, poolside parties, and engagement parties. Retro-themed events can use vintage furniture available at Athoor Rentals. Buy festoon lights here.


3. Fairy Lights - Fairy lights are a string of lights similar to festoon lights. However, the size of the bulbs in the individual lights is much smaller than those of festoon lights. Fairy lights with their soft and twinkling illumination are mostly considered for decorative purposes as the light they emit is not very bright. Fairy lights are used for weddings, garden parties, baby showers and decors in restaurants and bars. Buy fairy lights here.



Fairy Lightings (Per Meter)


4. Arabic Lanterns - Arabic lanterns, also known as Moroccan lanterns or Middle Eastern lanterns, are decorative lighting fixtures with intricate designs that are characterised by their geometric patterns, and vibrant colours. They come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from small hanging lanterns to larger floor lanterns. Buy Arabic lanterns here.



Decorative Ramadan Lantern


5. Net Lights - Net lights are an extension of string lights connected to form a net. They’re usually laid across bushes and trees and provide good illumination. They can be used in the same events as those of the fairy and festoon lights. They are majoritarily used in weddings and resort parties, outdoor gatherings and backyard BBQ’s and cookouts. Get the best net lights here.


6. Tree Wrap Lights - Tree Wrap lights are strings of LED lights wrapped around a tree. They provide heavy illumination and are used in outdoor events with large sized venues such as weddings and receptions, corporate events, concerts, community celebrations and firework displays. Get the best of tree wrap lights here.



Tree Wrapping


7. Par Can Lights - Par Can Lights are commonly used in the entertainment industry as they are powerful lights which can be used to create bold, colourful light shows for events, clubs and theatres. They are designed to be portable, easy to use and make a brilliant addition to light show systems. They are primarily used in stage shows involving music, dance and drama. Buy par can lights here.


8. Lamp Shade - Lamp shades are used mainly for indoor events if they are mounted on the wall. For outdoor events, lampshades adorn the table to provide mild hues and soft lighting. They are mainly used in formal dinners and galas, bridal and baby showers, book launches and casual indoor gatherings. Get lamp shades here.


9. Portable Spotlight - Portable spotlights are used in the entertainment industry similar to par can lights. However, unlike par can lights, they emit monochrome light in only one direction. They are used in stage performances to illuminate the performance of a particular performer masking the rest. Get portable spotlights here.


10. Chandeliers - Chandeliers are one of the most elegant and brightest of light sources. They are used in small and large-sized indoor gatherings. The illumination from a chandelier can brighten an entire room. They are used in award ceremonies, boutique openings, historic venues and theatre productions. Get the best chandeliers in Dubai here.



Amber Chandelier with Hanging Crystal and Plate-14 Bulbs


Conclusion: Thus, the types of lights used for events are based on the type of event and the venue for the events. Athoor Rentals provides you event lights that can be used for all your event needs.