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Athoor Swivel VIP Sofa for rent

SKU/Cod: ATHOOR-SKU-000761
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Cushions crafted with a highest quality foam and down, it is customizable with a wide range of premium Quality Fabric. Choose from several styles, lengths, configurations, this three seat Athoor Swivel VIP sofa perfect design for significant guests to sit in and enjoy the event if it is situated in the front section.

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Rent Athoor Swivel VIP Sofa today for your event in Dubai. The Athoor Swivel VIP Sofa for rent is available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi as well as any emirates in the UAE. Athoor Swivel VIP Sofa for rent is part of the larger category - Lounge Sofas for rent in Dubai, get in touch with the Athoor team today, and rent furniture for your next event today.