Q: Do you use professional quality equipment?

A: All of our equipment is commercial grade, professional.

Q: How do we book?

A: You can either call or send us an email, at least a week prior to the scheduled date.

Q: What is the deposit conditions?

A: We do not take deposit, we deliver the items, install it and pick it up after the event, but If you want to pick up equipment from our warehouse and drop it off at your convenience, then you need to make a deposit depending on the equipment you want to rent and balance will be paid when the equipment is returned.

Q: Where do you provide service?

A: At your requirements.

Q: What if we get to our event and the equipment is not working right?

A: All of our systems come with on-call technical support and equipment backup through the conclusion of your event. When you sign up for your rental you will be given our emergency contact number; it’s not a voice mail, one of our technicians will answer your call for immediate backup and assistance.

Q: What if I am not sure which equipment will work best for our event and location?

A: We will survey your area and suggest the best one.

Q: Are your items only for rental?

A: Most of our items are for rental, some can be purchased as well.

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